Reference Letters

J&A Mechanical Incorporated
Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning

To Whom It May Concern:

It has been our privilege to have had the opportunity to work with Dan Johnson the Superintendent of Columbia Properties on the 21-story Marriott Hotel Project located in downtown Anchorage, Alaska. His vast knowledge of contracting has led us to be able to complete our portion of the project with great success. His skills as the superintendent for general contractor Columbia Properties as proved to be a great asset for a wide variety of areas. These critical areas include Safety issues, organization of job wide Safety and subcontractors meetings, along with daily reports from all subcontractors.

Mr. Johnson led us through the project with professional organizational and management skills. Our association with Mr. Johnson has been rewarding and we look forward for the opportunity to work with him again.

If you have any questions regarding Mr. Johnson, please feel free to contact us at (REMOVED).



To whom it may concern:

I worked with Dan Johnson on the Marriott Hotel project. He was responsible for coordinating the fabrication, delivery and placement of 500 tons of rebar for the decks on this job. He was also responsible for reading shop drawings and relaying any changes or corrections to myself. He has extensive knowledge of rebar and is very detail oriented, he has the unique ability to make a job site run smoothly.

Juanita Dandurand
Rebar Division Manager

Anchorage School District
Lake Otis Elementary

To Whom It May Concern,

This year the Lake Otis Elementary staff and I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dan Johnson and Johnson Associates.  Everyone that we worked with was extremely professional ,dedicated and pleasant.

One of the things that I especially appreciated, was "being in" on the plans from the beginning.  Mr. Johnson came into my office or called on a regular basis in order to keep me updated on the project.  He would also provide us with a list of all personnel that would be on the premises each day.  This was greatly welcomed, as we always like to keep track of the adults that are coming and going from schools. Dan and his team were very sensitive to the needs and the routine of the staff and students at Lake Otis Elementary and were always willing to accommodate.

In summary, Dan Johnson and Johnson Associates were a fantastic group.

Mrs. Lace Fenwick


February 24, 2000


To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to affirm and document that Dan R. Johnson has consulted for Enzyme Technologies, Inc. ETEC) over the past ten years on various projects for our company. The projects Mr. Johnson has been involved with has been throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. All projects have involved the rental and mobilization I demobilization of heavy equipment, oversight of the bioremediation projects and interfacing with the regulatory agencies involved. Mr. Johnson has successfully and responsibly completed all phases of the projects he has worked with us on. His continued communication with the company in providing daily reports, safety meeting minutes and communication from the clients has been invaluable to the projects completion.

As with any company, safety is first and foremost in our minds not only for our employees, but for sustaining our companies reputation. Mr. Johnson has demonstrated to our firm that his knowledge regarding safety issues is a priority also, and this becomes a most critical issue when it comes to the use of heavy equipment. Should you have any questions regarding Mr.
Johnson, please do not hesitate to contact me at (REMOVED) or e-mail me at (REMOVED).

For more information on the company and the type of work performed by Mr. Johnson, please fell free to visit our web site at

Ken Garrett